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Materials and Devices Measurement Insights

Materials such as metallic materials, semiconductors, organic materials (such as polymers) and compound semiconductors have provided profound benefits over the last century. New and emerging materials such as oxide semiconductors, carbon nano tubes (CNT) and graphene promise to provide new benefits over the coming century.

Full Day Agenda:

09:00 Welcome & Overview.
09:05 Challenges & Solutions for Material Science/Engineering Testing Application.
09:45 Advanced Testing Solutions for Impedance Measurements.
10:50 Coffee break.
11:10 Devices & Material Characterization from DC to THz.
12:50 Electrical Characterization of GaN & SiC devices.
13:30 Closing.

Places are limited.

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Instituto de Microelectrónica de Sevilla IMSE-CNM
May 17, 2018