Proyectos. COGNET

Event-based cognitive vision system. Extension to audio with sensory fusion

The global goal of the COGNET project is to advance in the theoretical and technological development of event-based sensing and processing systems and demonstrate its potential to solve practical problems in a more efficient way than conventional technologies do. In particular, in the COGNET project we will address event-based vision and audition sensing, event-based vision and audition recognition systems and their off-line and on-line training, and the fusion of visual and auditive information to perform multisensory recognition tasks in real time. In COGNET, we are trying to demonstrate the superior performance of the event-based technology in two practical problems. The first one is binocular-based high-speed vehicle obstacle detection with few milliseconds response time, and the second one is visually guided speech recognition in a noisy environment.

Investigador/a Principal

Teresa Serrano Gotarredona  >

Detalles del proyecto

  • Tipo: Proyecto de investigación
  • Organismo financiador: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad
  • Referencia: TEC2015-63884-C2-1-P
  • Fecha de inicio: 01/01/2016
  • Fecha de fin: 31/12/2020
  • Total concedido: 197.956,00 €