Proyectos. ASIC-SIS

ASIC for compacts solar irradiation sensor

This Project (ASIC-SIS) represents a very important technology activity for the development of a Mixed-Signal ASIC for special applications in the Mars surface. This activity started years ago (2008) in the context of the MetNet mission and give as a result the creation of a research group in the IMSE-CNM/University of Seville specialized in this kind of designs. Thanks to these efforts, it was possible to provide solutions to the needs of signal conditioning and compaction of wind sensors for the MEDA station.
It should be mentioned that the development of Mixed-Signal ASICs for space use has been identified in H200 as a strategic line for Europe and the not dependence. This project follows this line intending the development of an ASIC to support future and even more compact Solar Irradiation Sensors (SIS) that are being recursively used for surface mission in Mars (SIS are present in 4 missions: MetNet, EXM'16, EXM'18 y Mars2020); it demonstrates the large interest of this kind of systems. So, the project aims the maximum compaction as possible of the SIS but also providing added values of reliability and re-usability as well as incrementing its scientific potential to become a reference sensor at international level for future missions.
Namely, the global ASIC-SIS objective is the development of a Mixed-Signal CMOS ASIC for the advanced Solar Irradiation Sensor (SIS). It contemplates all the required phases or steps: definition of specifications and/or requirements, synthesis at different levels (architectural, circuits blocks, devices, etc.), fabrication, validation, qualification, etc., AII the work concerning the design of the ASIC will be carried out by the US but in collaboration with INTA, who will give the necessary support in the specifications and requirements during the different validation steps. Finally, the US will give to INTA the support to perform the validations of a compact SIS prototype including the ASIC.

Investigador/a Principal

Diego Vázquez García de la Vega  >

Detalles del proyecto

  • Tipo: Proyecto de investigación
  • Organismo financiador: Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad
  • Referencia: ESP2016-80320-C2-2-R
  • Fecha de inicio: 30/12/2016
  • Fecha de fin: 29/09/2019
  • Total concedido: 169.400,00 €