Microelectronic knowledge and technology transfer about multi-modal crypto-biometrics

This project aims to increase the knowledge and microelectronic technology transfer about multi-modal crypto-biometrics among the applicant research group, which belongs to the PAIDI TIC-180 research group Design of Digital and Mixed Integrated Circuits and carries out its research in the Microelectronic Institute of Seville (IMSE-CNM, joint center of the University of Seville and CSIC), and the Andalusian productive sector, with a clear international projection. For this, the activities of the project will include: (a) conducting a market study and technological surveillance, (b) studying the product orientations that can have the most demand in the market, (c) selecting the crypto-biometric modalities to meet the specifications of the market, (d) developing prototypes and proofs of concept, and (e) promote the technology.

Investigador/a Principal

Iluminada Baturone Castillo  >

M. Rosario Arjona López  >

Detalles del proyecto

  • Tipo: Actividades de transferencia
  • Organismo financiador: Junta de Andalucía
  • Referencia: 5926
  • Fecha de inicio: 01/02/2020
  • Fecha de fin: 31/01/2021
  • Total concedido: 38.015,00 €