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Autor: David Palomeque Mangut
Año: Desde 2002

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A comparative study of stacked-diode configurations operating in the photovoltaic region
R. Gómez-Merchán, D. Palomeque-Mangut, J.A. Leñero-Bardallo, M. Delgado-Restituto and A. Rodríguez-Vázquez
Journal Paper · IEEE Sensors Journal, vol. 20, no. 16, pp 9105-9113, 2020
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This article presents a detailed comparative analysis of two possible stacked-diode configurations operating as solar cells. The performance of a single p-well - deep n-well diode is compared with the combination of such diode with a n-diff - pwell diode in parallel. Both configurations occupy the same area but offer different performance and, accordingly, they can have different application scopes. A test circuit to gauge the diodes performance and their spectral sensitivity has been integrated along with the two diode configurations in a 0.18 μm CMOS standard fabrication technology. The measured experimental results for the two diode configurations under study are validated with an analytical diode physical model.


Voice-Controlled Assistance Device for Victims of Gender-Based Violence
M.A. Dominguez, D. Palomeque, J.M. Carrillo, J.M. Valverde, J.F. Duque, B. Perez and R. Perez-Aloe
Conference · Multidisciplinary International Conference of Research Applied to Defense and Security MICRADS 2019

One of the biggest problems that society is currently facing is violence against women. In recent years, tangible progress in protecting and saving the lives of female victims of intimate partner/family-related homicide has not been made, so targeted responses are clearly needed. In this work, an electronic device to help victims of gender-based violence who live with their aggressor has been designed. The system is built on Bluetooth Low Energy technology allowing a wireless communication between device and mobile phone with a low power consumption. The device is controlled by three different commands and is capable of sending messages through a mobile phone to a Control Center. Depending on the nature of the received messages, the Control Center will take the appropriate measures to assist the victim. The design has been made paying special attention to a reduced size so that the device can easily be camouflaged in any accessory of the victim's jewelry, thus going unperceived to the possible aggressor.


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