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The Instituto de Microelectrónica de Sevilla (IMSE-CNM) is a joint center of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC - Spanish National Research Council) and the Universidad de Sevilla.

The IMSE-CNM management structure is as follows:

- Direction: Bernabé Linares Barranco <direccionims-cnmcsices>
- Vice-Direction: José Manuel de la Rosa Utrera <jrosaimse-cnmcsices>
- Technical Vice-Direction: Joaquín Ceballos Cáceres <joaquinimse-cnmcsices>
- Management: José Francisco Barreña Moreno <gerenciaims-cnmcsices>
- Administrative Services Unit

The Institute's research activities are carried out by Research Units responsible for project development. There are currently four of these units, corresponding to different Junta de Andalucía TIC Groups:

- TIC-178: Design and Test of Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits
- TIC-179: Analog and Mixed-Signal Microelectronics
- TIC-180: Design of Digital and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits
- TIC-026: Micro/Nanometric Circuits and Systems

The Institute's infrastructure is also supported by two Technical Units:

- Computer Support Technical Unit
- Laboratories and Infrastructures Technical Unit

Organization chart