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Advanced Training in Digital System Design Techniques as a Basis for Promoting Innovation and Technological Development in Cuban Society

Continuous advances in microelectronic technologies have led to the development of reconfigurable hardware devices (FPGAs) that provide an increasing variety of resources for the implementation of complex digital systems, including those that incorporate powerful processing systems to facilitate the realization of embedded systems combining hardware and software elements on a single programmable chip (SoPC). The design of this type of system is key for the development of the applications and services that sustain the modern Digital Society, which is why it currently enjoys wide international relevance. Concurrently, in recent years have also appeared new methodologies and design environments based on the use of high-level synthesis tools (HLS) and hardware/software co-design techniques (SDSoC) that allow carrying out the processes of description, simulation and implementation of complex digital systems with a level of abstraction much higher than the previous ones, greatly increasing the productivity of designers and promoting the development of innovation projects.
The main objective of the proposed action is the training of Cuban university professors and researchers in the new of digital systems design techniques based on reconfigurable hardware devices (FPGA and SoC FPGA), as well as the incorporation of their teaching in master's and doctorate programs with electronic profile of Cuban universities in order to promote its use in the development of various R&D&I projects that benefit from its introduction. The strengthening of the scientific-technical capacities of Cuban research groups for the design and development of embedded digital systems on reconfigurable devices will provide, as main advantages, the reduction of their technological dependence and the increase of innovation activities in basic infrastructures and production systems, favoring the economic growth of the country.

Principal Investigator

Santiago Sánchez Solano  >

Project Details

  • Type: Research project
  • Funding Body: CSIC
  • Reference: COOPB20420
  • Start date: 01/01/2020
  • End date: 31/12/2021
  • Funding: 23.958,00 €