Funding for the research activities carried out at IMSE-CNM comes primarily from the participation in competitive tender processes. The research is then conducted out via agreements, projects and contracts with national and international public organizations and private companies and organizations.

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Piedad Brox Jiménez.  Projects as Principal Investigator

National Government

  • ARES
    • Design, Implementation and Validation of Attack- Resistant Hardware Roots-of-Trust for Secure Embedded Systems
    • PI: Carlos J. Jiménez Fernández / Piedad Brox Jiménez

European Union

    • Quantum-oriented Update to Browsers and Infrastructures for the PQ Transition
    • PI: Piedad Brox Jiménez
  • GOIT
    • Go It!
    • PI: Piedad Brox Jiménez
    • Secure post-quantum cryptographic primitives
    • PI: Piedad Brox Jiménez
    • Secure Platform for ICT Systems Rooted at the Silicon Manufacturing Process
    • PI: Piedad Brox Jiménez


  • ICOOP-2022
    • Transfer to Cuban universities of advanced technologies for the design of embedded systems to strengthen capacities for innovation and postgraduate training
    • PI: Piedad Brox Jiménez