Funding for the research activities carried out at IMSE-CNM comes primarily from the participation in competitive tender processes. The research is then conducted out via agreements, projects and contracts with national and international public organizations and private companies and organizations.

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Teresa Serrano Gotarredona.  Projects as Principal Investigator

National Government

    • Neuromorphic Perception and NANO-Memristive CognItioN for High-SpeeD Robotic Actuation
    • PI: Teresa Serrano Gotarredona

Regional Government

  • Programa Investigo
    • Research contracts at the Instituto de Microelectrónica de Sevilla
    • PI: Teresa Serrano Gotarredona

European Union

    • Weighted Spintronic-Nano-Oscillator-based Neuromorphic Computing System Assisted by laser for Cognitive Computing
    • PI: Teresa Serrano Gotarredona
    • Hybrid Enhanced Regenerative Medicine Systems
    • PI: Teresa Serrano Gotarredona
    • Analog PROcessing of bioinspired VIsion Sensors for 3D reconstruction
    • PI: Teresa Serrano Gotarredona