Education at IMSE

Doctoral Studies

PhD researchers at IMSE supervise PhD thesis in the research lines of the Institute in two different doctoral programmes from the Universidad de Sevilla. These doctoral programmes are:

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD thesis at IMSE, go to Career at IMSE to check for possible PhD scholarship offers.

Master Studies

Researchers and faculty members working at IMSE are actively involved in the Master in Microelectronics: Design and Applications of Micro/Nanometrics Systems from the Universidad de Sevilla, which is taught online through the Virtual Learning platform of the Universidad de Sevilla and the support for practical activities of the Instituto de Microelectrónica de Sevilla.

Degree Studies


Faculty members working at IMSE teach in the following degrees:

Facultad de Física

- Grado en Física
- Grado en Ingeniería de Materiales
- Doble Grado en Física y Matemáticas
- Doble Grado en Física e Ingeniería de Materiales

Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería

- Grado en Ingeniería Electrónica, Robótica y Mecatrónica

Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Informática

- Grado en Ingeniería Informática - Ingeniería de Computadores
- Grado en Ingeniería Informática - Ingeniería del Software
- Grado en Ingeniería Informática - Tecnologías Informáticas
- Grado en Ingeniería de la Salud

Escuela Politécnica Superior

- Grado en Ingeniería Electrónica Industrial

Final Degree Projects

Students from the Universidad de Sevilla can work in their final degree project under the supervision of researchers and faculty members of IMSE in the Research Areas & Lines of the institute and using its facilities. If you are interested, check the project web page of the different degrees where IMSE faculty members offer their projects.


Degree students from the Universidad de Sevilla can perform Interships (Prácticas en Empresa) at IMSE. If you are interested, contact a faculty member from IMSE or contact Joaquín Ceballos (Technical Vice-Director of IMSE) <  >