What we do

Find out how IMSE-CNM is implementing innovative concepts in silicon.

Our scope

IMSE's main area of specialization is the design of CMOS analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits and their use in different application contexts, such as wireless communications, data conversion, smart imagers & vision sensors, biomedical devices, cybersecurity, neuromorphic computing and space technologies.

The research activities are mostly supported by public funding provided by different programs of the National Spanish Government, the Regional Andalucía Government and the European Union. The Institute also has a long tradition in technology transfer to the semiconductor industry.

The IMSE-CNM staff consists of approximately one hundred people. Most of them work for the CSIC and the Universidad de Sevilla, but there are also teachers and students from other organisms on research internships. IMSE-CNM employees are involved in advancing scientific knowledge, designing high level scientific-technical solutions and in technology transfer.


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What we offer

  • Research and Development
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