Catalog of Scientific-Technical Services
Characterization of RF circuits & devices

Service provided by Unit of Technical Support to the Design and Test of Integrated Circuits.

Service description

The service offers the possibility of carrying out, among others, the following measures:
- Spectrum analysis of RF signals.
- Noise figure measurements.
- Power measurements.
- Characterization of low noise amplifier circuits (LNAs).
- Impedance measurements.
- Obtaining S parameters.
- Analysis of communication protocols.
- Generation and analysis of multi-tone signals.
To this end, it has the general-use radio frequency equipment that IMSE currently has, which includes, among others, the HP8719, Agilent E4440A, HP8562 and Agilent N5230 network/spectrum analyzers, HP8664 signal generators, Agilent 5182A vector signal generators and N8974A noise figure analyzer, which allow measurements up to a maximum of 13.5GHz.
The service also has an anechoic chamber for the characterization of emission/reception devices in a wide range of frequencies (700MHz-18GHz) as well as characterizing low-gain omnidirectional antennas. This equipment allows:
- Obtaining radiation patterns.
- Gain measure.
- Directivity of antennas.
- Isotropic sensitivity.
The equipment of this service is completed with a probe station with the capacity to carry out measurements up to 50GHz, both on wafers and on printed circuit boards.

Options and prices

Options Unit Public sector Other clients
Test of third-party RF circuits by IMSE staff €/day 739.04 € 809.43 €
Use of RF laboratory & equipment €/day 369,52 € 404,71 €


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