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Single event test using pulsed laser technique

Service provided by Unit of Technical Support to the Design and Test of Integrated Circuits.

Service description

Electronic devices in space, defense, and medical applications are exposed to various types of radiation, including photons and high-energy particles (electrons, protons, neutrons and ions). Radiation can produce effects that may manifest as long-term parameter degradation (Total Ionization Dose or TID effects) or transient changes in the state of circuitry (Transient effects). While TID hardening of IC fabrication processes in general has improved in recent years, primarily due to reductions in gate oxide thicknesses and increases in doping densities, reduction in device dimensions have increased the sensitivity of devices to transient effects.
The service offers the possibility of studying the effect produced by the impact of a high-energy particle on a semiconductor device or circuit (Single-Event Effects or SEE) using the pulsed laser method, which is a powerful and low-cost tool for obtain information about the spatial and temporal dependence of the sensitivity of integrated circuits to radiation. The service equipment consists of a very compact femtosecond laser PULSBOX PICO-RAD 1064-50, manufactured by PULSCAN, which uses the single photon technique with a wavelength of 1064nm and a mixed signal oscilloscope MSO9404A for the output signal acquisition.

Options and prices

Options Unit Public sector Other clients
Single event test with pulsed laser €/day 739.04 € 809.43 €


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